It’s simple. We’re specialist that have your best interests in mind. We care for your safey, your time, and your concerns, giving you peace of mind. Our specialty is auto glass in Manassas, Alexandria, and all of Northern Virginia. Our experience and quality says it all. The windshield and other windows in cars provide much more than a view to the surroundings. Windshields are a structural component of the vehicle. They protect occupants in the event of an accident in several ways. The windshield acts as a backboard for air bags to deploy so they project correctly toward the occupants. The windshield also supports the crumple zone, and the roof of the car in the event of a roll over. Other windows in the car may also have functions that are important for occupant safety or automobile function, such as antennas, rain sensors, and defroster elements, to name a few. Many people are not aware that the car glass has these functions at all. We can assist you in being sure to get the right product and service every time. We tell people all of the time, it is only as good as the products you use and who puts them in your car. We recommend that you ask questions when shopping around to be sure that you are going to receive safe and proper installations. You may call Champion Auto Glass in Manassas to receive specific information about your car even if you don’t choose us. Champion Auto Glass in Manassas has a goal to educate the consumer to know what they are getting elsewhere and what to look for.

Improper installation could lead to serious mechanical failure of certain components in your vehicle. Improper installation of car glass could also contribute to serious injury or death in the event of an accident.