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Champion Auto Glass Inc. - Lorton, VA

Restore Headlights and Auto Glass Replacement near Lorton, Virginia

Among the communities served by our mobile team of auto glass repair specialists is the city of Lorton, Virginia, only a few miles from our location in Woodbridge. Our technicians will travel to your home or place of business to carry out any glass repair or installation work on your vehicle.

Since setting up in business more than 23 years ago, Champion Auto Glass Inc. has established an enviable reputation for the high quality of its workmanship, as well as its excellent customer service which includes free estimates, and lifetime warranties.

Among our specialties is mobile windshield repair and replacement, and the reliability of our service is unbeatable. If we can fix a windshield, then we will have the job done within 20 minutes. We try not to drill into a crack but sometimes it is necessary. The less work you have to do to a repair, the better the outcome.

Light can refract differently through a repaired windshield, so we do not recommend repairs in the driver’s direct line of sight. If the damage to the windshield is larger than a silver dollar coin, then the glass has to be replaced.

At Champion Auto Glass Inc. we are happy to replace all damaged windows on your vehicle, including door windows, rear windows, or sunroofs. Our technicians deal with every type of vehicle from private cars and RVs to classics, antiques, and even boats. We also deal with fleet accounts, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

We are approved by all insurance companies and offer up to $50 off insurance deductibles. Repeat customers are also eligible for a discount, and we offer 10% off cash prices.

If you live in Lorton and are looking for the best auto glass company in the business, then you should look no further than the experienced and professional team here at Champion Auto Glass Inc.. All you have to do is call us at (703) 929-4151 and we will come out and do the rest.


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